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What do B2B Marketers do Now? In 29 Minutes

Critical Success Factors for Business Recovery and Growth

After the downturn, now what? Businesses are looking for insight into strategies they can implement to help them recover and ultimately grow – from concrete demand generation ideas and tactics to high-level growth strategies.

On May 27 at 2:00pm, we’re bringing together two experts who will share practical growth insights from the perspectives of both sales and marketing - Rick Endrulat, President of Virtual Causeway, and VanillaSoft CMO Darryl Praill. Join us as they share their B2B sales and marketing experiences and offer strategies that you can implement to build demand and increase revenue for your organization over the coming months.

Give us just 29 minutes of your time, and we’ll give you the advice you need to help your organization gain traction on the road to business recovery. 

About the Panelists

Rick Endrulat


Virtual Causeway


Darryl Praill




About Virtual Causeway


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We focus on Business-to-Business (B2B) activities specifically related to sales, marketing and market research for the high-tech industry. We understand our customers’ businesses and work with each client to address specific business pain points. By leveraging our industry-specific management expertise, our strong labor pool of highly educated employees, and leading-edge demand center technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide strong returns on investment to industry leading firms in North America.