What Do B2B Marketers Do Now?

Convert Your B2B Leads Like the Pros

November 5 @ 2pm ET

Best Practices in Lead Follow-up and Nurturing

Is your B2B lead pipeline stuck? Do you need to get your existing inbound or outbound leads moving again to close more business?

Join our panel of sales and marketing experts to discuss:

  • The best methods for lead follow-up based on lead source
  • How to increase lead velocity through the buying cycle
  • Lead conversion metrics that should be tracked closely
  • Approaches to lead nurturing that convert leads
  • Human and Digital 'touches' - when to use them

In this action-packed webinar, discover B2B lead follow-up best practices, hear real-world examples, and learn techniques to help you convert more leads and move those buyers through the buying cycle quickly. 

Give us just 29 minutes of your time, and we’ll give you insights and advice to effectively drive sales!

Meet our Panelists


Virtual Causeway


VP Marketing



Managing Partner 

Outside GC


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